Estates, Wills, Trusts
Planning and Administration

Estates, Wills, Trusts
Planning and Administration

Wills, Estates and Trusts can be complicated and intimidating areas of the law. Understanding the terminology alone can be difficult.

Estate planning is the process of organizing your assets and determining how those assets will be distributed after your death. Assets include everything from real estate and bank accounts, to sentimental items like collectables and jewelry. Collectively, a person’s assets make up his or her estate.

Wills and Trusts are two common tools used to carry out your wishes. In these documents you have the power to choose not only who will receive your assets, but who you would like be in charge of the distribution of your estate.

Estate planning also gives an opportunity for those with minor children to nominate a guardian (a caregiver) for children in the event that both parents pass unexpectedly.

While you can search online for services to prepare the documents, the risk of problems outweighs any up-front cost savings.  The ability to manage property and assets following your death often depends on an experienced attorney who helped you prepare your final wishes. Whether you have a lot or a little, a complicated life or simple, we are here to listen to what is important to you and to craft a plan that fits your goals and wishes.

We walk you through the planning process – providing valuable advice based on statutes, case law and our years of experience. We explain the wording and make certain you – and you alone – are comfortable with your final decisions.

If a loved one of yours passes away, we also provide estate administration services. Whether a person dies with a will, trust, or no estate planning documents at all, our reliable and conscientious attorneys are available to help work through the proper steps and make the process as efficient, economical and painless as possible.

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