Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Attempting a Do It Yourself Will

December 1, 2021 | Author: Deppe Fredbeck & Yount LLP

    Deppe Fredbeck & Yount Franklin, Indiana
  1. Do I have an up-to-date, accurate template from a trustworthy source?

  2. Do I know the correct language needed to make administration as efficient and inexpensive as possible for my loved ones after my death?

  3. Do I understand the relationship between a Will and jointly owned property or property with transfer on death designations?

  4. Do I know what a residuary clause is and how to include one in my Will?

  5. Do I know how to execute a Will properly in my state of residence?

  6. Once I have a Will, do I know how and when to update it?

  7. If my Will is declared invalid after my death, do I know how my assets would pass according to state intestacy law, and am I comfortable with that outcome?

  8. Have I compared the cost of attorney’s fees to prepare my estate plan now versus the cost of fees to defend a Will contest or help with a “messy” estate administration caused by a DIY Will?

  9. Can I truly draft my Will to fit my specific needs without the help of a knowledgeable attorney?

  10. Is a Will even the best document for me, or would I be better served with a trust or alternative estate plan?